Our experience and capabilities, combined with our focus on middle market operators and portfolios, 
enable Javlin and our partners to generate outstanding risk-adjusted returns.

The Details

Javlin independently underwrites each portfolio and invest along with our partners, therefore, we’re equally vested in understanding the data. More than simply organizing the numbers, it’s how we interpret them that drives your success…and ours.

Our analytics professionals continually mine the data to identify what’s meaningful. We understand the relevant characteristics of the assets we’re evaluating and the servicing approach used to liquidate the assets. We dig in to the details to quantify the expected liquidity, and benchmark expected performance against similar assets.

The Javlin team analyzes files for outliers and anomalies, identifying assets and fact patterns that could undermine portfolio performance. For secured portfolios, we perform due diligence on the underlying collateral to develop our own point-of-view on the market value for those assets.

Those kinds of details might not make a big difference to a small operator, but they’re the kind of errors that can trip you up when you’re trying to grow. If you’re already buying large portfolios, those kinds of details make a big difference.