Industry professionals with extensive financial and operating backgrounds. We like to work hard and play harder.

Our Culture

Culture is about people. How does a group operate? How do they make decisions? What are their priorities? How do they behave day in and day out? And…how do they have fun?

Javlin Capital was incorporated in 2011. Our initial investors had a lot of financial experience, a unique value proposition, a clearly-defined vision, and the necessary resources to pursue that vision. Fast forward to today—Javlin is a select group of more than 40 professionals. We are accountants, banking experts, financial analysts, underwriting and investment professionals, operations experts, software developers, and attorneys. We also are students, young professionals, parents, sports fans, musicians, entrepreneurs, coffee and tea addicts, beer and wine connoisseurs, and community advocates.

Every day, we aspire to live by 30 simple characteristics called The Javlin Equation. They’re on the wall, in our weekly newsletters, and frequently referenced during daily activities. They articulate the importance of transparency, tracking progress, debating openly, having fun, and more. One of the characteristics is “Bring It.”

We work in competitive markets that never stop. So we work hard. And then we’re compensated fairly, in a manner commensurate with the success of the company.

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