Javlin has invested more than $500 million since June 2011.

Our History

Javlin Capital was formed in 2009, following the credit crunch, when many small-to-medium-size businesses were forced to pull back and sacrifice growth, and sometimes solvency. A small group of investors recognized an opportunity to provide liquidity at a make-or-break time, so they crafted an investment approach combining a unique mix of financial resources, creativity, and operational expertise. They recruited a select group of tenured professionals, set up shop in a small office, and went to work.

Since incorporating in 2011, Javlin Capital has grown to more than 30 professionals, and has deployed more than $500 million in a variety of asset classes. Turns out, there are many small-to-medium-size businesses who need capital and long-term partnerships. And so far, we’ve only scratched the surface.